AI Strategic Consultancy

We help you with strategic planing for transitioning into AI/ML era.


   There are lots of confusion, doubts, hype and noise around AI, what it really is and what it is capable of delivering. We help you clarify all those question marks by giving industry specific AI courses for your organisation managers and directors and also employees.

   This equips you with understading fundamental concepts, technologies, advantages and limitations and considerations of deploying AI in your company. 

   We then assist you to develop a strategy and plan for transitioning into a data-driven company. Transitioning into a data-driven is not a one day journey and we will be by your side all along the way.

   This includes defining clear business objectives which are ambitious and at an appropriate level, plan for data acquisition, training the team, designing a pilot project and so on.

Software Development as a Service

We provide solutions for algorithmic problems, database design and management and digital platforms and applications.


   With around two decades experience in software design and development, we take on your digitalisation demands and perform the whole life cycle of the software development using state-of-the-art tech stack and cloud based solutions.

   Expert offshore teams complete our internal resources and enable us to deliver the project agile and cost-effective.

Data Science

We deploy machine-learning techniques to analyse your small, medium or big data.


   We apply two major Machine Learning (ML) techniques, namely supervised learning and unsupervised learning, on your small, medium or big data to:

  • Classify data points into, for example, disease and control samples.
  • Predict outcomes or reactions based on historical data and previously seen patterns.
  • Discover patterns and relationships and define clusters among data points.
  • Detect anomalous or unexpected outcomes.


Do you have a novel idea but relevant pipelines/methods do not exist?

   Our team provides customized bioinformatics solutions and pipelines as needed to achieve the goals of the project. Our bioinformatics services include (but not restricted to):

  • Experimental design
  • Data visualization
  • RNA-seq analysis and annotation
  • Small/lareg variant calling
  • Differential methylation analysis