About Us

Sepantech is your partner for transitioning into the era of AI. We develop algorithm and software, implement machine-learning based analysis and modeling, and educate the community to augment our customers' decision making, products and operations.

   The company was founded in 2019 in Uppsala, the life science heart of Sweden, by Dr. Behrooz Torabi, who has contributed as co-founder, CIO, CTO and CEO in startup companies in Sweden and Germany since 2018.

   Denapsis Artificial Intelligence which he co-founded and led as CEO was awarded "Attraktivt Innovationsprojekt" from Uppsala University Innovation in 2019.

Our Vision

Sepantech's vision is to empower every professional in healthcare and applied life science with augmented intelligence leading to precision diagnosis, prognosis and treatment.

Our Mision

Sepantech's mission is to innovate and create solutions and products that significantly improve our customers' decisions, products and operations.